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What is the ideal average centipawn loss?

Asked by TopicaI
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I know what centipawn loss is and what is measures, but what average centipawn loss values would be displayed by players of each skill level?
4 Answers
Answered by azuaga
as said toadofsky depends of many factors but more or less would be so:
Player strong as Lance5500 Bullet: 43,7 Blitz 33,9 classical 24,2
Player about 2000 as me : bullet 61,7 blitz 52 classical 44
A player about your level would have the double of average centipawn than me more or less in each category I think
Solal35 commented :
I have 44 average in Blitz and I’m still not as good as you :) So it does not mean too much, because not every game is analysed
Answered by Toadofsky
It depends upon dozens of factors, but maybe public Lichess Insights of other players (which they have elected to share) could help you research this.
Answered by TopicaI
@WeselyTheG This is a VERY old thread. lol

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