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Notifications for forum posts?

Asked by StrixCZ
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Is there a way I can get a notification when someone posts in a forum thread? I can see a button "Unsubscribe" in a topics where I posted (so I assume I have been automatically "Subscribed" to them) but I don't get any notification when someone posts in these threads. Please help.

Also, there should be a way to delete a forum thread I've created...
2 Answers
Answered by Francesco_Super
You will receive notifications about forum posts on the activity tab on the left of the homepage
Answered by StrixCZ
Thanks, I already found it out. Still, I think it's quite inconvenient (very small text in a cluttered box and I also don't go to homepage too often). Wouldn't it be possible to get a "proper" notifications for them?
Luciano_the_best commented :
You get notifications when someone mentions you in the forum. You can mention someone by writing @ and then the username of the user you want to mention, eg @StrixCZ

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