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Is there a way to start a variant game with custom position from Board editor?

Asked by Timikofski
Tags variant board editor fen import
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Hi, I am currently trying to write a quick script that creates 960 FEN and opens an editor board, from where I can then challenge friends to variant games.
However it is only possible to change the variant type in the analysis board, but not possible to start a game from there.

2 Answers
Answered by Luciano_the_best
[Answer deleted]
Timikofski commented :
have you tried it? because it does not work.
Luciano_the_best commented :
Oh you are right. I can't. This is weird, report this bug in the lichess feedback forum
Luciano_the_best commented :
I never play variants so I didn't know about this bug
Answered by fiveTimes
No, it is not possible (for the time being). But there is a trick to play a variant from position on lichess.
- Make a study,
- Edit the positon
- choose the variant
- and add your friend as a contributor.
Both players can make moves on the same board like a game, but only without a clock.

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