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Message from @/lichess account "Warning: Accusations"

Asked by vx2
Tags moderation site rules terms-of-service
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So, today I received this message from the @/lichess account:

> Accusing other players of using computer assistance or otherwise cheating is not acceptable on Lichess. If you are confident that a player is cheating, use the report button on their profile page to report them to the moderators.

Now, I acknowledge my childish behavior and I fully regret it, but I honestly didn't know this rule even existed.

I searched in the terms of service but I can't find where it's written that I can get a warning if I accuse another player of cheating in game, so how was I supposed to know that I was breaking a rule?

Also I would like to know if the warning will expire (if so, when?) and what happens if I ever get more than one.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand :)
Toadofsky commented :
Dunno why you got downvoted; this seems like a new question.
2 Answers
Answered by Luciano_the_best
Probably the user that has been accused by you for using an engine reported you for trolling. Yes, continuing to accuse publicly someone for something eg using an engine is considered trolling and public shaming and this is why you received the warning. Do not do that anymore otherwise you may get banned from chats.


"11. Someone keeps accusing me of cheating. I didn't cheat... What do I do?

A: Don't worry about it. If you aren't cheating, continue as you were; nothing will happen.

If someone starts accusing you (or being annoying), just click the little tick in the chat box so you can't see what they're saying. If they seriously think you're cheating, they'll report you. You can, additionally, report them as a troll."


vx2 commented :
I've already seen that post, but I think my situation here is somewhat different.

I absolutely did not *repeatedly* accuse him/her of cheating, that's why I don't think it's fair to equate the two cases. I just told him/her ONCE that I didn't want a rematch (after he/she asked for one) because I thought he/she was cheating.

I take full responsibility for my childish actions, but at the same time I'm trying to understand how could I know that what I did was against the rules. I've read the ToS and nowhere it says that accusing someone publicly of cheating was going to get me a warning, but at the same time I read on the lichess github that the mods have a CANNED MESSAGE ( for this kind of behavior.

So my question is: how could I know that such warnings existed, if none of this is written in the ToS?
Toadofsky commented :
Nothing against your answer (or the question) but it sure would be nice if the Terms of Service referenced that Q&A (or at least the "rule" in point 11).
Toadofsky commented :
I hear you @vx2 and honestly I wasn't aware of such a rule (despite point 11 suggesting that players may report trolls and ToS rule 7 saying administrators get to decide what is/isn't reasonable behavior entirely at their discretion) although I've advocated for such a rule to be added for decorum's sake.
Answered by anthonykulik
hello, it tells you right after you create your account that using computer assistance will have consequences and if you do use computer assistance your account is pretty much done you can't play on it anymore.
vx2 commented :
That's not what happened. What happened is that I ACCUSED someone in the game chat that he/she had cheated, and received a warning for this.

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