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my opponent had time out, but 1/2 -1/2 point ?

Asked by Rz-Daf
Activity Viewed 195 times, last updated
I just had a game with an opponent. he had time out. but I did not receive the points,
as we both had a draw?
is there something here I don't know?

any input would be welcomed
Luciano_the_best commented :
Could you send the link of the game pls?
3 Answers
Answered by BeastModeUnknown
If you have insufficient amount of material to checkmate your opponent, but he runs out of time. It is a draw. If you had sufficient amount of checkmate material you win the match for he has run out of time.
Answered by youarecheckmate
maybe you hadnt enough material to checkmate him
hope i could help you, if not write a private messgae, plz
Answered by Rz-Daf
That sounds hardly fair as time is time. at least in official competition.
but if that's the rule good to know. thank you for your answers!

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