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Should you report users who abandon games constantly?

Asked by NeverBeenTimid
Activity Viewed 618 times, last updated
I just sent a report about a player who abandoned a game we were playing because he was losing. On inspecting his profile it seems he does this with every game he is losing. Unless he is checkmated it shows all losses as timeout or "left the game". I'd like to know if it's worth even reporting such players as I'm not sure it's technically against the rules to abandon games.
4 Answers
Answered by thibault
It's not needed, since lichess already automatically detects it and inflicts increasingly long temporary bans to these players.
Answered by Luciano_the_best
You can't get banned for that. This is just being very unsportive and I understand it is very frustrating.
However, these people may get temporarily banned for a certain amount of time because of not finishing a lot of games. The more games you left the more is the amount of time you can't play.
IM lovlas commented :
This is wrong. You can be banned for abandoning games.
Luciano_the_best commented :
nev999 commented :
no, just a few times
IM lovlas commented :
Depending on the violation you can get permanently banned.
Francesco_Super commented :
@lovlas I think Luciano meant that you can't get permanently banned if you leave too many games
Francesco_Super commented :
oh wait, I misunderstood everything. Ignore me :P
Answered by shivangithegenius
It even happened with me and I reported to the moderators but I didnt get any response and later while checking the user's profile I saw that it was completely fine
Answered by Toadofsky
The terms of service state, "Users must use the services available on Lichess reasonably. This is at the administrators' discretion... The administrators' discretion is final."

In that context your request becomes, "I'd like to know if it's worth even reporting such players as I'm not sure how administrators will respond." But this is only something administrators can answer (and if they can answer it, perhaps amending the ToS is in order).

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