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answer upon chat

Asked by Dechecenechec
Tags dechecenechec
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Why I cannot use the cat
anupamg commented :
guys i think I clicked something by mistake and now i can see the chat only if i move the cursor on the specific part. Otherwise it seems to disappear. Can someone tell me how get the default setting back? Thanks!
3 Answers
Answered by IM lovlas
You might have to turn the chat on.
Answered by Luciano_the_best
You've got probably shadow-banned, meaning banned from chats and forums. Maybe you insulted someone in a game and your opponrnt reported you and so the mods banned you from chats.

You can find more about it here:

Or you simply had the chat turned off. By clicking the tick-box next to where there is written "chat room" you can turn it on again. Probably it is because of this and not because you've been banned ;)
Answered by speculative_king_sac
Wow, I thought I was going crazy. The same thing happened to me a couple days ago -- chat just disappeared. Hard to imagine I'd be shadow banned, since I never comment in chat. I literally have never made a single chat comment. So now for some reason I cannot even read the chat? Great.

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