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How to rectify - No ratings change after a game

Asked by apollothethird
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Is this common? After a total of 395 games, stalemates, wins, loses, this current game didn't change the ratings for me or my opponent. Can someone advise how to address this?

This is the game:

By way, does this happen often? You can browse the games of all players. So far all the games from all the players I have tested show a ratings change for every game that I see played.


-- L. James

L. D. James
One answer
Answered by jhuhtis
The game says "Correspondence - Casual". Casual means no rating change. You have to challenge them to a ranked game.
apollothethird commented :
Thanks for the information. I have always tried to be very careful to only play ratings game. This was a fluke.

I never knew this as a difference.

I'll be more careful in the future.

-- L. James

L. D. James

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