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Rules for a draw on lichess?

Asked by RubbleChess
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Where can I find, or what is the specific criteria for a draw, when your opponent loses on time?
I had one game where I had a lone bishop left and that was called a draw, and just now I had a game with a lone knight left, which was called a win.

I would like to know what the formal rule is here, as it seems to differ from ICC for example, where you would need a remaining pawn for the win.
One answer
Answered by Luciano_the_best
If you run out of time and your opponent doesn't have enough mating material it is a draw, and viceversa.
If you run out of time but you haven't enough mating material it is win for your opponent, and viceversa.
Toadofsky commented :
Specifically, if a mate can be constructed... Lichess checks many piece configurations where no mate is possible with what would otherwise be ating material.
RubbleChess commented :
can be constructed, even with self mates?
IM lovlas commented :
As long as a mate is theoretically possible.
OutChilled commented :
There are more possibilities for a draw. Consider this 960 game: It was forced into a draw. I don't know why. I have had a draw in regular blitz game that also drew after 20 moves with no capture. These type of draws should be addressed and in my opinion removed from the site.

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