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Why doesn't the iPhone app work for me anymore?

Asked by toeknee4436
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Ever since the newest iPhone app update (v 5.1.2; updated 29 Oct 17) my app won't open. It just sits on the white knight screen and doesn't do anything except change the bar at the top (with the time) to black. I have restarted my phone (iPhone 6; iOS 10.2) and even deleted and reinstalled the app, but no luck. This is a bummer too because right now it's my only way to play chess.
hiphopesq commented :
Same problem. I've deleted, reinstalled, restarted, all that. Just the white knight screen...
SolarNight commented :
Same problem here! I've had to start using other chess sites that I really don't like. Ugh.
One answer
Answered by MagicProgression
Same problem here! Please fix this issue, Lichess. I've waited a long time at the screen, deleted and reinstalled, and also restarted my phone. I really want to be able to use the app again.
MagicProgression commented :
Sorry, accidentally posted this as an answer instead of a comment.

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