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On Lichess TV there should be a button to fix the current game we're watching.

Asked by lecheburra
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It happens that sometimes I would like to continue watching a Lichess TV game, and suddenly it changes to another one. I understand this happens when the current game I'm watching ( the top rated for instance ) is surpased on rating by another one. So I suggest there should be a button to stay at the current game and prevent from updating to a new one. I guess this could be turned on and off by clicking an eyed shaped button for example. Thanks.
ultraman2201 commented :
I have experienced this annoying "feature" too. This should NOT be the default behavior. How do we escalate the request?
One answer
Answered by Jacob531
I like your idea, but this is for the lichess feedback forum.
Jacob531 commented :
The link to that is

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