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When searching my own past games, is there a way to search by title?

Asked by JohnJPershing
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For instance, in the past I have played two GMs. Is there a way to filter my own games to only show the games by GMs? Or any title for that matter?

I know I can sort by lichess rating, but a title search feature could be helpful if it doesnt already exist.
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
Is there a way? No.
You could request it in the Forum, but I myself am not a fan of the idea.
Instead, you could just bookmark games against GMs.
JohnJPershing commented :
But dont you only have one bookmark? If I could make different bookmarks, that would be a great solution, but if I want to sort my own games into multiple categories, it becomes impossible quickly.
DoTheMath commented :
You could use your browser bookmarks for that. I understand what you're thinking of can be more convenient for your needs, but we have to try and stay practical with new features. There are priorities and then there are features that wouldn't be used much. But again, you can always suggest it in the Forum.

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