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Way of Berserk trophy?

Asked by thibault
Tags trophy unique hiimgosu berserk
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57 has a neat trophy. What about it?
nizzle_fe_shizzle commented :
thats really really cool! the only thing i would add, also in the case of zugaddict's special trophy, for what it is maybe make it clickable and add a short info text?
but style-wize i its great!
Hellball commented :
The answer as to what the Zug Miracle is appears in the 'Related questions' sidebar. Direct link here:
ScorpianFire7 commented :
Penguin should get a trophy because can berserk and his berserk rate for bullet is 29% and hiimgosu's is 34% so penguins close
5 Answers
Answered by thibault
The way of Berserk.

That trophy is unique in the history of lichess, nobody other than hiimgosu will ever have it.

To get it, hiimgosu challenged himself to berserk and win 100% games of a hourly bullet tournament. It happened there
semada commented :
And hiimgosu did it again!
nobody47 commented :
So. Is gosu doublelift?
Anoniem commented :
Yes, what's the relation between him and the lol player?
PlasmaOverload commented :
I think the trophy should be given with the year noted and every year a new trophy goes to ONE who has the best performance in "beserk".
realpawn commented :
he did it again! no way!
Kitty-Meow commented :
dont you think @penguingm1 deserves the same trophy?

average opponent 1953 vs aman's 1908 average?
orspeeder commented :
trophy was won with 28 games in a row... so it is not just a elo difference.
GiveMeAHamburger commented :
Kitty-Meow it was not hourly. Still great performance, but it was not 1 hour tournament and he played 12 games.
Answered by heptagon
A month before hiimgosu's incredible performance, I have won another Hourly Bullet with 100% berserk win rate . How about some special trophy for me? :-)
Zynko commented :
I think the problem is that you played 13 games against players with an average opponent rating of about 1600. Hiimgosu played 28 games against players with an average rating of about 1900. His 100% was probably harder to achieve.
Dolg commented :
I agree you should also get that trophy.
ChillyGonzalez commented :
13 games vs 1700 elo at max is different, also way of the beserk would not be unique anymore if everybody gets it :-)
goldbeard commented :
He really beserked 28 games in row!!! So awesome!! He deserves that trophy!!!
BESERKING123 commented :
heptagon,why the hourly bullet that you 100% berserk is not rated?
chineseboy42 commented :
Its probably because its casual tournament
heptagon commented :
It was rated actually :) You can see it if you open one of the games of this tourney; for instance, you can check it by following this link :)
quynhanhvuong commented :
I think that you played 13 games with noob guys. Best rating of them just 1910. But hiimgosu played 28 games with oponent beter more than you. He played with 2282, don't belive, you can check this And he have two tournament like that.
mburch1974 commented :
Not that hard to at least place using berserk...I got 3rd out of 46 people with only 56% win rate
patzerchessplayer commented :
I bet Andrew Tang (penguingim1) could do it too.
Alihene commented :
? you did not have that trophy?
Answered by Kitty-Meow
dont you think @penguingm1 deserves the same trophy?

average opponent 1953 vs aman's 1903 average?
Technobladeee commented :
ask lichess staff :P
Migillope commented :
Penguin also played less than half as many games in that tournament.
Answered by henrikcernov
hello my name is henrik .cernov my Fide REAting is 1552
Answered by Mirza_chess
try my best to berserk in hyperbullet :p
Vycm commented :
rip the popularity lol

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