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Calendar notifications for tournaments?

Asked by Complacent
Tags tournament schedule notification calendar
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Is it possible to have a calendar URL (something like google calendar) for the various tournaments? I want to subscribe to only specific events/tournaments and ignore others. Also, that way, I can set up an alert to be notified 15/5 minutes before the start of the tournament on my smart phone even if I am not in front of my PC.

There are so many tournaments that I missed just because I was unable to track their schedule conveniently.
2 Answers
Answered by IM lovlas
I like the idea. But stuff like this is best suited in the lichess feedback forum. Q&A is pretty bad for discussing new features.
Answered by Complacent
Done. A feedback request is raised at: . Mods may decide the appropriate location.

Only registered members with one week of lichess activity can contribute to the Q&A.