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Request: Endgame variants

Asked by recfish
Tags endgames variants blitz practice positions
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This is more of a suggestion than a question. I think it would be really helpful to have an "endgame" variant, where both sides would start from a relatively equal position in the endgame (games drawn from an endgame database). I'm primarily a 10 minute 0 increment player, so when I get to the endgame, I'll usually have 3 or so minutes remaining. I do ok, but have a hard time improving my endgame. Many times I just completely blow a drawn or winning position. I don't want to switch to 15,10 games, but I would like to get better at endings. I feel like this would help my game (and many others' games) drastically.
One answer
Answered by LordKinbote
I would love some endgame training. I was thinking thematic tournaments with a position where one side is winning and one side has to draw. (You would be playing equal games from each side). Technical positions. I would also suggest endgame puzzles database both offensive and defensive. The one on chesstempo is offensive only, so for example you can't practise a drawing ending like a philidor. Also it is too repetitive as it has about a million lucena positions. The study feature could be used for this of course

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