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Can any of you moderators turn practice the way it was?

Asked by StevenEmily
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1. We really need an 'easy' 'medium' and 'hard' button. Spaced repetition just makes me remember puzzles I failed at a lot, without learning from them

2. We used to have a 'good move, but you can do better' thing. Nowadays, it's just wrong, even if you do a mate in 5 move instead of a mate in 4 move.

3.Users can't vote down on puzzles that are wrong, or up on puzzles that make them learn more. This is what makes better puzzles.

I don't know what happened, but can someone please change it, or else 'training' will feel like 'waste your time button' Seriously.

2 Answers
Answered by alex_beneath
who are "we"? you have a hamster in your pocket?

1. thats like, your opinion, you prefer A over B, The thing is that spaced repetition is an actual learning technique unlike "easy" "medium" "hard" which is more like a placeholder. Current training gives you puzzles around your rating instead of asking you to place yourself in 3 major categories, that is a clear improvement.

2. Puzzles are chosen so that there is only one good move available.You can either do or do not, there is no try.

3. There is a voting system in place.

These kind of changes take time to be decided upon, time to be implemented and involve more than one person, no one will or can change it because a guy who refers to himself as "we" wills it.
Answered by Toadofsky
Thanks for all the questions and comments. Moderators can't change the source code.

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