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How to fight against stalkers and What do you think about it?

Asked by MCH4-JCH3
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STOP for stalkers- it's a campaign slogan. What do you think about stalking, is it a crime? Even on chess portal there are Stalkers and we don't like them so I am trying to fight against them. Last time somebody had started stalking me on this portal so it is the reason why I started my campaign. What shall I do?
One answer
Answered by blackzombie
I don't protect stalkers, but to be honest I have never experienced any stalking here. If you are stalked often it therefore seems weird and unusual and you maybe should think of for what reason this happens to you.

Of course stalking is NOT acceptable but I can't see that it is very common. Just my thoughts...

Best way to fight against it I think is keeping any proof, like messages sent to you, contact a mod and refer to them.
MCH4-JCH3 commented :
I will keep it in mind :)

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