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May I Consult an Opening Book in Correspondence Games?

Asked by HonorAndPurity
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Hello there!

I looked over the terms and conditions, but I'm still not sure whether it's permitted or not to consult an opening book during correspondence games. I understand why it would be considered cheating to do so during *live* games, but is correspondence an exception? Can anyone clarify this for me?

I'm happy to abide by the rules; I'm merely asking what they are.

HonorAndPurity commented :
Oh, never mind. This answered my question (Item 3):
3 Answers
Answered by succhess
Hi petedoherty, with all respect, I have to 1000% disagree ! Never we may use an engine during correspondance games (after the game is finished only !).
It would destroy the game !
Hope that lichess admin clarify their position!
Answered by Patzer3000
Is it really ok to use an ENGINE in correspondence games? What's the game about then? About who has the stronger chess engine on his computer?
Answered by petedoherty
Yes, according to internacional rules os postal chess you can use chess book and engines to play. There is no cheating way with this one.
furrykef commented :
The site's terms of service override the internatinoal rules of postal chess. You may not use an engine, ever, unless either it's a casual game and your opponent has already given permission, or you're using a bot account.

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