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Why has the user Ultimate_SHSL_Gamer been removed from the bullet leaderboard?

Asked by patzer17
Tags cheating leaderboard removed bullet elite
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They played just yesterday so it's not because of inactivity. But they haven't been marked for cheating either. Any idea why this is?
One answer
Answered by Toadofsky
I assume it's due to inactivity, despite your jumping to a conclusion that it's not due to inactivity.
patzer17 commented :

This link says that you have to have played a rated game within the last week to be on the leaderboard. His last game was just two days ago:

So unless Lichess have changed the amount of time for inactivity then I don't see how that can be the reason.
Toadofsky commented :
Lichess does not state that leaderboards are compiled daily. So during the next compilation of the leaderboard I would expect to see him on it.

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