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How strong is the Stockfish-engine (in local browser & in cloud) ?

Asked by Mollus
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I like analysing my games to see all my mistakes, where there are plenty especially in chess-variants. So I ask myself how much can I rely on the given evaluations.

I have the feeling that in the more complex crazyhouse-variant the evaluation seem to vary a lot after making the suggested engine move. Is the cloud-analysis always on a deeper level as the local browser analysis and what Elo-rating does the cloud-analysis aproximately have?

My local browser calculates to 16/21 and then 21/21 depth, does anyone know how strong that would be?
Gitananda commented :
Hello, in my experience I don't trust Stockfish until it gets to the mid-twenties because often it will change it's mind before that. Also there are some human tactics that it will not recognize because it hasn't had the time to consider them before it has taken the time to get to the mid-twenties.
3 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
Right now, Stockfish is rated 3054 at Crazyhouse:
Answered by Mollus
Thank you, it is nice to see that crazyhouse is taken that seriously in engine chess.
I knew Stockfish is 3000+ in theory but what about the practical use here in cloud & local browser?
Toadofsky commented :
In the cloud & local browser, it depends upon the strength of the computer (or phone). Maybe it's worth asking the rating of AI level 8, but I don't know that.
Answered by NerdRaging
Stockfish is hardware reliant, so it depends on your device. If you want the best move possible on your hardware, let stockfish analyze each move to completion. It usually analyzes 22 moves deep without infinite analysis.

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