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How to find all own games played with a specific opening ?

Asked by Nairwolf
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I think in the past, it was possible to search and filter own games with opening. Is it still possible ? And how to do that ?

Thank you.
2 Answers
Answered by Nairwolf
Thank you for your answer.

I know I can explore opening with the analysis board, but that's not what is my need. What I would like to do is to have all B23 games I've played for exemple. I'm almost sure it was possible before in the advanced search box. It may have been disabled...

Do you why ?
Answered by NoJoke
It is possible to search the Lichess games database for a specific opening position. That can be found at the anlaysis board, the little book button next to the arrow keys. Make sure you are looking at the Lichess DB and not the Masters DB. It is also possible to search for your own games from the advanced search box on your profile. It's not currently possible to do both at the same time. You can use insights to check your results in certain openings but not find specific games.

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