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How strong is the artificial intelligence?

Asked by thibault
Tags ai engine stockfish analysis
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When playing the machine, and when analysing games, what is the chess engine at work?
3 Answers
Answered by thibault
Lichess uses the latest version of Stockfish ( for playing users and analysing the games. However, the engine is intentionally weakened in order to make it more fun to play with.

To read more details about strong levels 1 to 8 are, check out the blog post that explains it all:
Answered by pianogirl2
Some of the Stockfish AI is labeled by their ratings, but they aren't people, so they can't gain or lose any levels. For instance, Level 1 is 1350.
Answered by carlhq
Level 1 is 1350 :0! Yikes - back to studying tactics before I start playing that then :0/

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