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Why is it NOT a draw?

Asked by KnightH8
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First of all sorry for my bad english.

My question is about this game:
I'm pretty sure that Black cant checkmate me... at least not by force.
Sure, he "won on time" but he has only one Bishop against Knight and pawn. I tought positions like that end in a draw when he cant checkmate by force?
And I'm pretty sure that Lichess had it in the past that when you have a positon like that it counted as a draw...

Did it change?
Why did it Change?

One answer
Answered by Phobos531
Technically, he can checkmate you. You still have a pawn and a knight. Let's say he magically pushes you and your knight in a corner, he can come closer with his king and checkmate you with the bishop, like this: . Of course, you'd never let that happen, but it's technically possible.
KnightH8 commented :
So does it mean even in an otb game it would be a win for Black? or is it just a Lichess thing?
Phobos531 commented :
I'm not entirely sure, but I think yes, it would be a win for Black even in an OTB game. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
KnightH8 commented :
Good to know, thanks for that quick answer.
KnightH8 commented :
But hey I just noticed in the picture you send you can play Knight f3. Which would lead to a simple draw...
KnightH8 commented :
Your picture is not correct but, with the bishop on g2 it would be checkmate...
Phobos531 commented :
Yeah, my bad. You're right in both your statements.

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