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How can I send a challenge request (correspondence) to my friend without having to sit and wait for my friend to accept?

Asked by diazbros
Tags correspondence challenge friend
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Trying to challenge a friend on here to a game, but every time it takes me to the page with the board. However, once there, it just sits and waits for my friend to accept the challenge. I'm trying to do a correspondence game since we don't have the same schedule.

I can't sit and wait, who knows how long, for my friend to log on and accept the challenge. I know that in, I can just send a challenge to them, log off completely, and just wait for them to accept the challenge at their leisure.

Can that be done in without creating a game and copying and pasting a url to send to them to click to accept which is still difficult in much the same way as the original issue of waiting around using the correspondence route? I really do like lichess, but this idling in wait for challenge acceptance is definitely the onion in the ointment.
9 Answers
Answered by NDuma
Once you've sent the challenge there is no need to stay on that screen and wait.

The Challenge Invitation will be waiting for them; and, it is visible to you in the top right Challenges drop down menu next to the your username, where you can cancel it if you'd like.
Alihene commented :
if your opponent doesn't accept it for a long time then the challenge will be automatically canceled:(
Answered by shanksk
I agree. It's quite cumbersome to try and play with a friend.

seanysean commented :
Same here, it really is annoying.
Answered by Solal35
For challenge to a another player disconnected, for exemple, do this:

1. Click on the button "Play with a friend" on the home-page
2. Set your game (rated, time, variants, ect...)
3 Click on your color (black, white, random)
4 Copy the link
5 Send a message to the player you want to challenge.
6 When he click on the link, the game start.
likeawizard commented :
Okay, but does this work with the mobile app?
realpawn commented :
no i at least think it does not
MatCalcium commented :
It works, instead go to Players on the left side, and search for your friend's name.
Answered by Wolf_Pawn
Sorry friend but lichess doesn't have this option you have to wait or open another window and play as you wait him to respond.
Answered by kyanh
you should open another tab to play
Answered by stevenhan
Yes, I agree too. Right now you can send your friend a chat and decide when to be online so your friend can accept your challenge
ssie commented :
Is there a "common server time" visible to agree on that time for friends located in different time zones?
Answered by wuddupdok
you can create new games with specific users (by username) through on a computer. I haven't found a way to do it entirely from mobile, sorry.
Answered by pianogirl2
See who is online and send a challenge to them, NOT any friend who's offline at the time, because they might log on and not see your challenge. That would also take a long time.
Answered by alanalone
you should sit and wait!!!!!
Don't say to much

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