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I lost a correspondence game on time and swear I moved within the the time constraints...

Asked by VorpalSword
Tags mods correspondence time control timeout without reason
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In this game:
I lost on time. I'm convinced something went wrong with the time control, server, or code, because I made my move (25. ... b5) less than three days ago. Unfortunately, because it is a correspondence game, I am unable to see when the moves were made.

Could a moderator or developer take a look and determine when the moves were made, just for my mental sanity? Thanks in advance. I'm not asking for restitution or anything, just trying to address a possible bug and prevent further users from experiencing similar.
Toadofsky commented :
Developers only have normal user powers.
checkmate-master commented :
Maybe your internet was too bad and lichess didn't convert your move
VorpalSword commented :
I would have thought that, except, my move was registered and the opponent also moved after it.
VorpalSword commented :
@Toadofsky, thanks for the clarification.
One answer
Answered by Vladafan
I have got the same problem here:
Opponent made a move today, 15 minutes ago, and after 5 minutes I lost cause of time! But I should have 5 days for move!
The result should be canceled and bug corrected and ga,e go on from this position!
VorpalSword commented :
Thanks. I feel a little more justified in being flabbergasted.

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