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How to use Game Analysis in an effective way

Asked by Element04519
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I'm using the Analysis board tool to review every single game of mine.
I request a computer analysis; view my mistakes and try to find better moves for them; look at my opening to find improvements; sometimes I train certain positions against the computer.
But I still feel I do not get much insights from the whole process.
Is there any step-by-step guide to master using the analysis tool?
Or do you guys have any tips for me?
5 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
As a 1950 USCF...

I'm a huge fan of the "Learn from your mistakes" feature available from the computer analysis, which is likely to help players of all skill levels.

I'm also a huge fan of the Opening Explorer & Endgame Explorer, which are most likely to help intermediate-to-advanced strength players.

Beyond that, on your own you can only get so far; you need to learn from the experiences of other players.

I recommend that anyone seeking improvement should play slow enough games that they have time to think about their moves. Often, playing with an increment helps.
Answered by Alihene
the shared Analysis tool is called study. study has more options. you can save it, you can write text on postitions using the coment this position. you can even draw arrows, there also saved and you don't need to even save it beause it's ataumaticly saved. you can make it either a private or a public study. you can choose invite only to make it a private study, or if you want to make it public, select public. you can also make chess lessons in it. there are two kinds of members. you can make a member either a contubitre or a spectator. a spectator can't edit the study, but a contubitre can but not delete it.
Answered by e4e5Hf6
Hi what you do is greater. I do similar as you but i categorize my games. As an example
i had a game whit hanging pawns and i had a endgame bishop vs knight.I have many chess books i opening it up and i look for hanging pawns and in a endgame book for bishop vs knight or if i miss a tactics than i make 5 puzzles. Unfortunately I can not tell you that Unfortunately how technique is useful is Because i started now
Answered by jessiking
I would like to tranfer my games easily to me offline SCID vs PC database for analysis. It is faster with SF and I can even analyse even with LCZero, which plays more human-like style. Is there a faster way or a nice synchronization tool compared to downloading PGN, open it with SCID and go back to lichess for the great feature "learn from your mistakes"?
Answered by HalfSicilian
How do I open the analysis board on a game to save pre - moves ????????????????

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