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How i can download all my games?

Asked by Vasaka
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How i can download all my games?
One answer
Answered by Phobos531
Go to your profile:

Click on the 4th button here ( to export your games.
Vasaka commented :
Thank you!
I think this button is incorrectly named. I do not know how correctly in English, but in Russian everything that a person can get is called "IMPORT", and not "EXPORT". "Export" is when a person sends something to somewhere. This is if I uploaded my database to the site, it would be called "export".
Is everything right in English? Can I suggest changing the translation into my language so that it is correct?
Toadofsky commented :
I think the nuance here is that you are exporting games from the lichess database onto your computer, not exporting games from your PC's database?
Vasaka commented :
Toadofsky, yes. If i download games from lichess to my computer, it is "import", not "export". May be rename this as "download games"?
Phobos531 commented :
@Vasaka, you can always improve the Russian translation here:
Vasaka commented :
Phobos531, Thank you, i know that. I already helped translate into Russian the lichess interface. But this amendment may not be approved. I want to discuss this in advance. Maybe we will make corrections to the English version? We can call it "download games", as I wrote above.
In addition, the description of the translation of this line says: "This function lets you download a table of all your games in CSV format." But this is not a CSV format but a PGN format. It is necessary to correct it.

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