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Is it possible to favorite a chess puzzle for future references?

Asked by franzqafqa
Tags favoriting puzzle
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Hi it would be great to favorite chess puzzles and chess matches in this site. thanks.
skydust11 commented :
That actually sounds like a very nice idea. Of course, you could just do a simple print screen from the keyboard and paste in paint and save as jpg or png if you want smaller size, but still that's a very nice tweak idea. To be able to save puzzles that you either like or , are very complex and difficult that you'd want to practice it over and over in the future. Good job
2 Answers
Answered by AwesomePlayer
After you've solved/failed the puzzle, a URL will appear. You can either bookmark or copy-paste this URL into an option called "Import Game". It should be on the home page.
Answered by thetasquared
Well, you can bookmark your favorite puzzle since they all have unique urls. There is a link where it tells you the puzzle #. This is probably good enough for now, plus it makes it easy to share with friends.

Try this one :-)

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