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Chess Insights New Filter: Last X Games

Asked by Spider_hip
Tags chess insights filter
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Hi dear lichess programmers. As a php web designer I always admire your site. It's like an art, a gem. Well I'm trying to improve myself at chess. And I believe I do. So I would like to filter my game statistics as last x games. So I can see If I did how less mistakes in e.g last 10 games compared to my general games. Or even better there could be a between slider. E.g. Between 1. Game and 20. Game or between 15.Game and 40.Game.

So people like me who try to improve him/herself on this site for months or years could analyze their improvement statistics better.

Thank you.
SKG77 commented :
That's a feature I would find helpful. Hope someone in lichess takes a look.
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