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Is there a folder where I can keep only a selection of my best games?

Asked by Millikan
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I would very much enjoy the possibility of saving some of my better games in a separate folder, so I can find them more easily later.

Even better would be the option to display my best games on my profile.
That would make players profiles more interesting to check out!

Is there already an option that does either of those things?
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
One answer
Answered by lego00
If by a "folder" you mean a collection of games, there are two ways to do so: you can either bookmark a game by, when analysing the game, hovering over the part of the screen where it says "time control • variant • rated/casual" and then clicking the star symbol, or you can create a study ( and import games there. Bookmarked games can be viewed here: (nothing will appear if you don't have any bookmarks yet).

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