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Training mode in mobile app

Asked by fedorvinogradov
Tags mobile training
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Good day!
Will there be this and other (coordinates, openings) modes in the mobile app?
DannyDanger commented :
Training on the mobile app would be fantastic.
k1337orisss commented :
hey there

i would appreciate it aswell!
airod commented :
+1 for training on the mobile app!

(analysis on mobile app at the end of game would be awesome too!!)

Fujiwara_no_Sai commented :
I agree wholeheartedly! +2
6 Answers
Answered by kosu
Training is now in mobile app! (checked lichess on android)
This means tactics training. Openings and coordinates are yet to make it to the app.
supercoolyellow commented :
How do you access training on the mobile app?
Answered by mumin11
endgame training is it possible to make
Answered by konkomlalun
Would love the coordinate training for the mobile app. Also it would be awesome if it didnt need wifi connection so i could play it in the Subway.
Answered by Radugan
It would be great to have other training modes on mobile.
Answered by smutje41
First of all I would appreciate if the puzzle training would be synchronized between desktop/website and app. My training on the app is always far behind the actual status quo. Or am I the only one with this problem/bug?
Answered by poolesen
Wrong forum - sorry...


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