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Request: hide ratings in rated games

Asked by kprawn
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I'd like to request an option (e.g., in Preferences) which, when set, hides your opponent's rating in any rated game until the game is concluded. TIA!
Hellball commented :
That's a very honourable thing to request! I love the idea, and never thought someone would ask for such a function when so many people pick their opponents selectively. Faith in chess community restored.

That said, this probably belongs to the forum more than the Q&A system, which is meant as a 'helpdesk' for functions already on the site, and not for requests.
JuanSyttho commented :
in chess dot com there is a "focus mode" that works fine (i believe) those who want to see your rating can but if "you" cannot see your opponents rating you can set the focus mode... It works once you have started a game...
Mopman commented :
If I am playing someone I need to know what his aprox strength is because I do not play the same style against a 2000 player that I would against a 1000 player.
15 Answers
Answered by Champ0o
it's called zen mode and it's available in the settings
ElijahReese commented :
True-- but was he asking before the game so he couldn't choose the opponents' ratings?
InnateAluminum commented :
Then set your rating range to anything. And send a challenge. Unless you meant accepting an open challenge? You can't use Zen mode on those, unfortunately.
Answered by scottdpt12
I've always thought this was a great idea. A lot of people get nervous when playing higher rated players and thus play more poorly. As an option it would be great and something I would definitely use!
seanysean commented :
But this is how I win games! (You know, people scared of mah ratin')
BIYAS commented :
Even I think it is a good idea. Many people get scared and make blunders when they see they are playing with high rated players.
Answered by Kinglink
While Zen Mode DOES do this, it also hides a bit much. I want the same configuration in normal mode with out the ratings, at least that's my personal opinion.
Answered by REDSh1ft
I agree. Have played anonymously for this reason.

Caveman hack:

1. Place a piece of masking tape on the screen where the opponents rating will appear
2. Create a new seek
Answered by th0mas
I agree, it would be nice to optionally hide the ratings.
Answered by monkeypushingwood
I'd also like to see this options in setting too please.
I to get nervous when playing weaker players and end up throwing winning positions away
Answered by Kb128
I get really nervous after looking at opponent's rating, and wish this option were available. I like playing crazyhouse on android because there is no room for rating.
Answered by Luciano_the_best
I also find this a great idea. I hope Lichess will create this option.
Answered by admd
This feature may use in rated tournament.
Answered by HafidBonJovi
Let them teach u.
U must learn from ur oponent and ur inacurasi, mistake & blunder.
some time nice win and sometime bad loses to
Face that, i hope ur more better in the game
Lichess analysis will help u know it
Even world champ make mistake. Stay cool :D
Answered by lost_in_reverie
It's too bad this idea hasn't been implemented yet :(
Answered by MagnusSonofCarl
just stick some tape over the part of the screen that will show rating.
TacticalGM commented :
Um...I think that is overdoing
Answered by Stephenson
If I am able to select who I play based on rating. What good would it be to "Hide" the rating after the game starts?
It would be unfair to force other people to play if they could not choose. The rating should not be hidden before the game either (during seek)
Answered by Grufalo
Why would you hide that? Are you starting play bad when see higher rated against you? In this case just do not look on it, so you will not know rating :)
Univere commented :
Or being underrated by some opponents, which makes them play poorly and not at their actual strength...

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