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How can the same game analysed twice on Lichess give different average centipawn losses?

Asked by Egroegw
Tags computer analysis games
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When computer analysis of the following two identical games are analysed, different average centipawn losses for each are displayed.

* : 491 Centipawn loss per move
* : 485 centipawn loss per move

Is the difference due to inaccuracies in the programming of Stockfish, or is that random variation due to chance?
2 Answers
Answered by ubdip
A depth limited search with one thread would always return the same results. However, since the analysis feature performs a time limited search with multicore processors, the results can differ.
Answered by Toadofsky
By definition both evaluations are accurate. According to the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) protocol, the evaluation returned is "the score from the engine's point of view in centipawns":

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