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What's check in atomic?

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So I was playing this game:

I played Qd1, yet it isn't checkmate. How? What is the definition for check?
tisnjh commented :
It would have been checkmate if I didn't have Nxe7.

I think the lichess definition of "check" is kind of strange: threatening to capture a piece that would explode the king is not really considered check. Maybe this is a good idea as it doesn't give away the threat, but then what is the point of there being checkmate in the first place?

My suggestion is that for variants such as atomic, the game should never end until one player resigns, times out, or his/her king gets exploded.
2 Answers
Answered by Happy0
In the rules we have chosen to implement for Atomic chess, you are permitted to ignore check or checkmate if you can explode the opponent's king. See point 5 of the rule set:
Answered by Hellball
Checkmate may not be immediate in Atomic chess. Those are the rules of the variant. You must go all the way and actually blow up (i.e. capture) the king when the opponent can do the same to your king.

See the answers to for more detail.
QUEEN_OF_SPADES commented :
oh thank you @Hellball
tisnjh commented :
There are games like this though:
Why does it say it is checkmate if there is no checkmate in Atomic?
Hellball commented :
As Happy0 kindly pointed out, the not-checkmate rule only when you have the option to explode the opponent's king in the next move. I edited the comment.

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