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BitChess 24h Hyperbullet tournament winning score prediction?

Asked by crazyhouse1
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I'm just curious, what do you guys think the winning score will be in the 24h hyperbullet tournament? :

The 2016 Spring Marathon has so far produced the highest tournament score ever on lichess, where 1st place BahadirOzen scored 980 points :

With hyperbullet time controls it will certainly cross 1000 for the first time ever, exciting times for lichess.

My guess is top 3 will all cross a thousand... 1st 1600, 2nd 1200, 3rd 1000.

What's your prediction?
One answer
Answered by Egroegw
I know this is after the fact, but the top 18 players all crossed 1000 points. The top player reached 2145 points. Brilliant, eh? :)

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