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Does lichess have a mobile app?

Asked by thibault
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What's the status on the lichess mobile app? What platforms are going to be supported? Will it be free? How can I help?
6 Answers
Answered by thibault
[EDIT] The app is here!

The mobile app is a work in progress; we'll let you know with a blog post when we release a beta version.

It supports iOS and Android 4+.

Just like lichess, the mobile app is free and open source. Source code is there: If you know the ways of mobile development, get in touch with us! We need all the help we can get.
Hellball commented :
Please do not add questions as answers, but as comments! I had to remove all the 'answers' below, that were actually further questions or opinions.

Answers to the questions that were here:
- There is no definite release date but prototypes have already been tested. A public beta may be released in late 2014.
- Veloce commits a lot more than Thibault because Thibault does not have enough time or familiarity with current mobile platforms to work a lot on it.
- An APK will be released when it's ready for testing or else. Right now, it's very much in development and incomplete so building an APK would not be a good use of time. That said are welcome to build from the source code at any time.
leonarth commented :
Is anybody working on the App? I haven't seen a commit in 7 days...
PINke commented :
I'm starting to develop for windows phone. Maybe, I'll can help you to make it for my phone)
danniego commented :
App is realy nice.
Is it an idea to add a notification method when (sound.light/bar) it is your turn in a game your playing?
AlexApple commented :
Windows Phone 8 will be nice to have, at the moment there are no good online chess options on WP8
Answered by vinnie2k
I'd love a Windows phone version :-)
Answered by thibault
YoNOsoyMike commented :
And it works amazingly fine!!
Holodoc commented :
Beta of Android App works great on my Wiko-Mobile-Phone.
Surface is also clearly arranged !
Answered by AwesomePlayer
The mobile application for I think iOS has been released. It might be available for other devices but it is guaranteed on iOS.
Answered by Eugeneius-
It says above that they are working on it. It also says there is no definitive release date but a beta could be released in late 2014.
Answered by munzero
I use android 4+ it is not work on my phone although. Google Play is giving me this message; "This app is incompatible with your device." I can't install it.
My device is Lenovo A369i

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