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Is ban in the chat/forum forever?

Asked by Kapsarov
Tags chat forum ban insults moderation faq
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How long the player is banned in the chat/forum?
Do moderators have some insult-meter scale, and when the player cross the line they block him?
9 Answers
Answered by Chess_Agent
Basically, yeah... forever.

The following applies to chat everywhere on this site, in both private games and public rooms (the forum, tournament chats, etc). This comic is a good representation of free speech on the Internet:

A user who is banned from chatting is able to communicate (chat and private message) their followers.

For example: if someone loses their game and says "fuck"... that's fine. Even stuff like "you suck" is acceptable (to me, at least). Horrible sportsmanship to say that, but it's not a comment that someone should take to heart.

However, abusive comments that aim to insult people and make them, for the lack of a better word, uncomfortable, are not tolerated. Also, harassment, threats, spamming (flooding), racism and sexual insults (especially) are also not allowed.

An example of such behaviour would be cursing at every player that beats them, insulting them by saying "[bad work] your [bad word] mother's [bad word] and I'll [bad word] your [bad word] [bad word] [bad word] kid [bad word] with my [bad word]" is stupid, immature, not permitted, and would result in a ban from the chats/forums.

Moderators use their judgement for determining how bad the reported user's infraction is.

karun0109 commented :
I've just recently learned about lichess and i think it is a beautiful idea and I applaud Thibault for having created such an amazing website. I think it would be in the spirit of of lichess however, to not ban even the worst of offenders from speaking. I'm not going to make a free speech argument even though I think there is one to be made despite the fact that the government is not involved. My argument is that leaving things like bans upto moderators is just a bad idea. I've seen good sites devolve into ideological cesspools where certain ideas themselves can be so offensive that they qualify for the subjective criteria for bans. Can't we just ignore the idiots who curse. Maybe implement a rating system based on friendliness for each player so people can know what to expect. I don't know about the mods here since I don't post here often but I just think the bans, especially permanent ones are a bad idea.
MakeDeal commented :
On FICS admins are banning you as fast as they can see a legitimate reason. For one swearing or one inappropriate comment, even if it is appearantly made by mistake. I think the context is more important. Is the comment made to disturb or causing anyone damage in an essential way. If not one shouldn't ban i think. I hope lichess won't be like FICS and ban people forever because of tongue slips and less overthought comments or one single swearing.
Caustic commented :
Good, cos I say fuck all the time, but it's never aimed at anyone. To be fair, I haven't come across one person who's been anything even approaching abusive on this site.
MakeDeal commented :
I think sanctioning anyone indefinitely is a bad policy unless the abuse is very severe. Situation is then like on FICS where admins are criminalizing anyone instead of working for letting the server run in a good way as a whole.
Chessatom commented :
The Site Communications link (for insult-meter) is broken.
Sunmachine commented :
I disagree with makedeal, i think anyone who steps out of line too often should get banned forever...forever and ever and ever. They can go and be a moron somewhere else. The world is a large and wonderful place.
Answered by cd2017
It should be anyway. Why? It's called there are children that use this site!!!!
Answered by Petir
Why do I d consider using computer help?
Where is my fault?
Please explain!!
StevenEmily commented :
Where is my fault?
Please explain!!

Unfortunately, it's very hard to explain your comment.
I do know that that is request/question, not an answer.
Answered by mohamadreza1386
maybe an child is using chat what happen????!
Answered by JohnMcNice
Why are inactive users never deleted? It has users here who haven't been active for 4 years or more. Many nicks would become free again, e. g. Karlson, and there would be more space in your computer system. My best regards.
Answered by Xzybytt
Why am I banned from not playing when it was clearly Lichess server that disrupted my ggame. Now I have been banned for a day for no fault of mine
cd2017 commented :
Are you following these 3 things
a. resigning lost games
b. winning or at least drawing games (I'm not sure why this one exceptions on lichess)
c. playing started games

If so, then I have no clue
If your not then thats why your getting baned
Scarlet_Evans commented :
a. Is there anything wrong in not resigning the game? I just won (by checkmate) a game against ~1200 player, where I blundered at the beginning (+5 for white, while I was black) and my evaluation was getting worse and worse, reaching +10 at some point. But I was much better on time, so I kept pushing my opponent and I won.

I am of opinion that you should, or at least can to keep fighting, even if situation is really bad, and Carlsen vs Nakamura match from recent London Chess Classic 2017 backs it up or me.

Why would anyone get banned from not resigning?

I am not planning to resign too many of the "lost games", unless the things are really hopeless - even good players are not familiar in some mating sequences and people can sometimes stalemate you, especially if pressed on time. Why playing the game to the end could be a reason to get banned?


b. Do you mean "sandbagging" here, i.e. players purposely don't play their best? Though it can sometimes be hard to validate, as we can for example have:
> some sequences of loses that can be within certain variation or rating,
> someone is trying new openings or lines, without being familiar with them, thus performs worse,
> someone changed lifestyle recently and plays being very tired or after alcohol, then performing worse
> someone's health deteriorated greatly, to the point that it affects effectiveness of their play.

So, I suppose that unless someone have quite significant up and down statistics cycles, it's not something one should be banned for. I hope that in this case things are quite lenient, unless it's blatant abuse? I know both people with multiple sclerosis or after stroke, who suddenly started performing worse in many areas, so suddenly (and long-term) performing much worse shouldn't be anything close to bannable offense?

Being banned, because someone's health deteriorated would be very sad and unfortunate, possibly could be a mental strike for such person too =(
ChessQueen33 commented :
Hi Xzybytt, if you abort too many games or do not move too often, you can get banned.
I don't know why, but it is possible.
Answered by Himiko
Some of you are not perhaps native English-speakers. The trouble with the f-word and similar ones is that you can easily offend native speakers by not using them with a proper sense of context. I'm quite sensitive, and I really dislike hearing swear words being used carelessly.

I like karun0109's idea of a rating system indicating a player's friendliness - I imagine it would be fairly easy to construct an algorithm to work out how often someone greets their opponent and how often they use certain words. I would certainly avoid players whose friendliness rating indicated a strong probability of an unpleasant playing experience.
lilManontheStreet commented :
what if said person is bad at spelling
LichessAuto9786 commented :
@lilManontheStreet makes a good point.
Sunmachine commented :
if people act sensibly they will never get banned ever. If you are bad at spelling, check your spelling before you post because you might get yourself banned. If english isnt your first language, then dont try using the swear words in a chess chat room in case you use them in the wrong context. God i am sick of people trying to make excuses for people who act like idiots.
Answered by helenki
I have come across one abusive player. They were definitely losing and insulted me sexually and also my mother. I was new to the site and didn't know how to report or block them. They need to be banned from chat. Sometimes people make unpleasant remarks and I want to block them but I don't think there is a feature for blocking anonymous players. The people brave enough to make rude remarks are anonymous
lego00 commented :
How does your "answer" answer the question?
Stephenson commented :
This is the internet words that you read on your computer screen by someone , who mite be 1000 miles or more away hardly real. Unless you choose to get offended
Answered by MatemaatiikkaBrah
I have always thought this site as a place where one goes to develop a thicker skin. Especially when it comes to time controls +1 or 30secs when playing as Anonymous. For some reason in Causal as well as Rated people sometimes get mad with the time control even though they themselves chose to play said time control.

For me personally, I always have bad luck with one particular nationality and often play opposite of said nationality's time-zone. However, I have also discovered that enabling kid-mode does wonders and provides a very clean and clutter-free environment as well as increase my concentration.

This site is definitely my go to for Bullet Chess and I suspect it will remain so for many more years to come.

(PS: If things get rough, there is always the block option. :)) )

realpawn commented :
What does that have d
to do with the question
StevenEmily commented :
I don't know. Maybe he thinks this is the forum?

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