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WTF Cant Donate to lichess??

Asked by deantesigma1
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About a week ago I got this really new credit card and really have been spending lots of money like crazy. Lol (almost broke). Anyways I had so money left on it about 20$ and i wanted to donate it to lichess but when i make a purchase through either the credit card option or through the paypal option i cant donate the money. I contacted my bank and it says its because my credit card is authorized only for USA use and i cant it for a foreign site like this. WTF ... anyways I started thinking then how are other players that live in Usa donating money. I would really like feedback so I can get this problem fixed and possible is there another US account that Lichess has that i can donate the leftover money on the card to. Thanks for the feedback.... ^.^
One answer
Answered by varzic5678
I didn't understand that. Is it written in English

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