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how do i see who i am following.

Asked by vufi
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I found the list with who that are follow me, but how do i get a list with people that i am following/friends.

I can only see them when they are online in the corner, but i cant remember there username whenever i like to look trough there games.
3 Answers
Answered by Chess_Agent
vufi commented :
I had seen that post before, but first understood i now.

Why is that page hidden away like that, you need to go to two pages before you can see it,

Why is there not just a button on you're profile for it or at least button in the corner box?(show all/offline friends).
Answered by vecis2
you can see them by adding /following behind your lichess profile. So f.ex. my following list wouild be:
Answered by sofa_king
You can't see who you're following unless they're online.

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