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How to play horde offline against computer?

Asked by jfcarroll
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I am running v4.0.1 of the mobile app on iOS 9.2, and I am trying to figure out how to play horde against the computer offline. The recent release notes for version 4 of the mobile app says that now we can play "all variants" offline. However, when I create a game, I have a limited number of variants available. See screenshot:

I have tried both "over the board" as well as against the computer. Neither has horde in the list of variants.

Will you please give me guidance to access this feature?

Thank you!

(Please forgive me if I double-posted this question. I am not certain if my previous attempt to post was successful.)
One answer
Answered by Unihedron
The Lichess engine only supports the variants [Standard], [Chess960], [King of the Hill], [Three-Check], [From Position]. Therefore, the mobile app also only supports those variants.
CobaltNinja commented :
Incorrect. I can play games versus a bot on Atomic.
chris2007 commented :
That post was nine months ago, so things have changed.

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