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Why can't we choose to forfeit if an enemy disconnects?

Asked by mickchaaya
Tags fairplay
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Just had a game I was gonna lose, but my opponent disconnected. He was 400 points higher than me, so a draw gave me +10 and him -14.
4 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
I'm pretty sure the resign button is still there...
mickchaaya commented :
its covered by the claim draw/claim victory
flugsio commented :
Indeed, thanks for the report; made a pr to put them back
Answered by FastStrike
There should be an abort option in case of opponent disconnection too!

In case of disconnection in the opening phase, abort is the right option. win/lose/draw do not feel right in those scenarios.
mickchaaya commented :
It's necessary to have win/lose/draw when an opponent disconnects midgame. Otherwise there would be no incentive to stay in a losing game
FastStrike commented :
I'm talking about having all 4 options: Abort, win, draw, lose
Answered by FastStrike
See game:

Games like that is what I meant. My opponent disconnected after making one move.

All three options that are currently available feel wrong:
1) WIN: I do not want to take a win because he made only one move!
2) DRAW: I do not want to take a draw because he is a much lower rated player and only one move has been played! I will lose heavy rating points here.
3) RESIGN: Don't even think about it.

The one and only honorable option is to abort game and that option is not available (at the time of writing this) when the opponent disconnects.

In case of disconnection, all four options should be available: abort, win, draw, resign
mickchaaya commented :
yea, i see your point
Answered by Omnipotence1
F*ck this website, my friend decided to quit so he left be this website won't let me claim the win. I resigned and I lost because it took about 30 minutes. F*ck this stupid ass site.

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