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Probably been reported as a cheater

Asked by rawr_1
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I won against a 1800s rated player (I'm rated 1600s) in crazyhouse and managed to land a certain checkmate by a Queen sac. I got a message from the player claiming that I have been reported for cheating (I also got blocked by him/her).

Should I be worried? Do I have any recourse? I worked my way up from the 1200s and I am in no way a cheater (I have some fairly embarrassing losses as proof of that).

rawr_1 commented :
Oh and the player stalled too.
One answer
Answered by Egroegw
Don't you worry.

First, your games will be scoured for evidence of cheating. No accusation can by itself give you a ban.

Secondly, craxyhouse is a chess variant, and there are no good engines/software that plays crazyhouse around. Even if there were, Lichess cannot detect cheating in Crazyhouse.

Don't worry! :)
rawr_1 commented :
Thanks for responding :)

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