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Using analysis board during correspondence games legal?

Asked by Onein144kKings
Tags analysis board correspondence legal
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Am I the only idiot not using an analysis board during correspondece games?
I thought it was an unwritten rule to calculate your moves in your head. Why is there that option? Is everybody and their brother using that against me or what? Just asking.
Egroegw commented :
Legal: can be used in all games without penalty
3 Answers
Answered by dtpowl
Correspondence chess has been played since the 19th century or even earlier than that. It's traditional and accepted that players may set up the position on a board and explore variations. If you're not doing this, that's up to you, but it's not considered cheating. That's why Lichess enables the analysis board. also enables the analysis board in correspondence games.
Answered by endofgamz
You are not playing chess if you rely on an engine. The computer is playing chess. The analysis option is for learning how to play chess (studying openings, reviewing games played, studying tactical situations such as end games, mating tactics, etc).

Answered by Onein144kKings
Yes, I know; I absolutely understand, and never did I mention using an engine; I'm talking about an analysis board where you can move the pieces yourself, without an engine suggesting moves, just as people could do by setting up a board at home and touching all the pieces and moving them around to help them calculate; now, I also understand that there's no way to monitor that, and whoever is doing that, then it is to their own demise, for they're not exercising their brain. I just don't understand why there's a button for you to analyze during an actual game. It seems to me that such a button shouldn't be there. That is my point.
DvdAvins commented :
The purpose of correspondence play is to analyze as deeply as one wants, with whatever notes one wants to take, with however many boards on wants to set up.

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