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How do I 1) link games to my profile that I originally uploaded anonymously, and 2) view all of the details of an imported PGN

Asked by JudahH
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Dear anyone who can help,

I have two questions about importing game PGNs that I can't figure out the answer to.
1) I imported some of my games anonymously, before becoming a member. If I try to reupload the game from the same PGN, I get linked to the original imported game, but it still isn't added to my profile. I suppose one way to get around this would be to change some tiny detail of the PGN that doesn't significantly affect the game and then reupload, but it would be better if I could simply link those games to my profile. Is there a way to do so?

2) Speaking of tiny details of imported PGNs, does the imported game include all of the details included in the original PGN (examples of details I would be interested in are ["TimeControl"] (optional) and ["Site"] (required). If imported games do include such details, where can I find them?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me.
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