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why do i HAVE to play against a guy marked as "This player uses chess computer assistance"

Asked by Latsemy
Tags cheater correspondence cancel
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correspondence - i encountered this player marked as a cheater.. then.. why i can't cancel the game? is it fair if i resign after playing a few moves? (after all his engine WILL beat me anyways), i DON'T want to play against a computer, i can play against mine without even going online
2 Answers
Answered by ProgramFOX
Yes, it's fair to resign after a few moves if you're playing against someone marked as computer assistance. Your rating won't be affected because of their mark.
Answered by pianogirl2
You technically can abort the game, and it won't affect your rating. However, after a lot of "abort game" the lobby will ban you for 15 minutes. :(

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