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Why is my rating locked at 1500?

Asked by Cynosure
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I've tried playing a few rated games and my rating won't shift from 1500.
maurizio3 commented :
why my rating at 1500 it is at 1000 maurizio3
qkxwsm commented :
You play only casual games. You should play rated games if you want your rating to change.
2 Answers
Answered by Clarkey
If you are asking this question, you have most likely been labelled as using computer assistance against human opponents in rated games.

You may use engine assistance against Stockfish, or against a human in a casual game with their consent. In no circumstance can you use engine assistance in a rated game. If you do, even by accident, you will be set as a cheater.

Alternatively, if you were sandbagging (playing at a lower level than your 'real' level) you may also be set as a cheater.

Alternatively, if you used other accounts (sockpuppeting) to artificially boost your rating, you will be set as a cheater.

Finally, if you receive assistance from someone with you using an engine or better than you at chess, this will be detected and you will be set as a cheater.

If none of these have occurred, and you are still locked at 1500, it's probably because you are playing casual games. Only rated games can affect your rating.
admiralozzle44 commented :
I do not use any chess programs to play chess, or even too analze my games (my teacher told me it would slow down my prgress), yet i have recieved this label
worse yet i was not given any warning, or notice that someone complained against me, i know this is not a free site but this seemed a little unfair
seanysean commented :
Actually, this is a free site
Answered by Vale18349276
You certainly cheat.
There is the advice in your profile page.
Cynosure commented :

I asked this question because I anticipated it might be a common question. I don't cheat, and never have. I'm actually a moderator!

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