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Stream on lichess TV

Are you a chess streamer on, or YouTube streaming?

You might just get featured on and boost your traffic. When approved as a streamer, lichess can detect when your stream is on air, and automatically show it on the homepage.

Approval process

In order to ensure excellent TV quality, we are very selective in our choice of streamers.

We expect great chess level (comparable to and/or entertainment potential (like

Of course, we don't want you to be like these guys: be unique. But if your stream is not on par in terms of educational or entertainment value, it may not be approved.

Also, video and sound quality must be good, and you must be comfortable with the streaming tools. Most streamers zoom in on the relevant part of the page (usually the chess board), so please be able to do that.
Talking is a must, using a camera is a plus.

When you think you are ready, send us your stream URL at We generally need at least 20 hours of footage in order to make our decision.

If approved, you will be temporarily or permanently featured, at the moderators discretion.

Set up with twitch, Hitbox, or YouTube

Add "" to your broadcast title when you stream games on lichess.

Something along the line of "Episode 3: rocking the blitz tourney on" would do.

Please remove "" from the title when you're not streaming chess content using lichess.

Stream language

If your stream is not in english, then you must prefix the title with your language code. Exemple:

  • [RU] Шахматы -
  • [FR] Session d'échecs sur
  • [ES] Jugando ajedrez con

Is that it?

Yes. Lichess searches for the keyword "" on theses sites every 20 seconds. As soon as a live stream is found, it is displayed right away on lichess homepage for everyone to join and watch.

if you fail to follow any of the above recommendations, the stream will be un-featured. Contact us to sort it out.

Happy streaming!