Yesterday's tournament, the next one, and what's on the break.

Congratulations to Cuba - @TheLordOfPain for the fifth consecutive victory! And congrats to the two teams that this time fought with them to the end: Chess Club G-2 - @Sergey_Krivenko and Lipetsk Chess Club - @Zaur_Dzantiev

In Division B it was nice to see winning two of the teams that were there when we started and that were so important to grow this event: promoted in Division A, together with RCG School Players, Seleccion Inmaculada and Crowborough Chess Club. Congrats @CrowChess and @CPBchess!

Anyone who wants a Diploma can ask for it. But please, since sometimes I don't see the messages, USE THE FORUM:

Yesterday there were 859 players in 8 Divisions, all in all a good result. I'd like to thank everyone for their efforts and I'd like to thank those who warned me they couldn't play.

PROMOTIONS and RELEGATIONS were made a few hours after the end of the tournament: and will remain valid only if all the teams on the list confirm their participation. The links are not yet there, nor will they be for at least a week.

The next U16 tournament will be on Saturday 29th August - while we wait there will be blitz tournaments and a simul (but still to be confirmed) with a strong GM.

Thank you @Permafrost for all the effort in organising this superb junior event.
Crowborough will definitely be there on the 29th August for our return to Division A
The players worked hard yesterday and were very excited on gaining promotion.

Thanks Permafrost and Priprema1. This event is really good for all kids and we appreciate your big efforts.

Estimado Permafrost, quizás no entendi bien el tema de los torneos Sub 16. ¿Ya queda establecido que la frecuencia será 1 vez al mes?
Gracias de antemano por la respuesta..

Hello @CPBchess
No, it's not settled yet. I haven't discussed this with anyone yet. But I thought about not playing in August, considering that almost all European teams are not there.

From September we can also play every two weeks - maybe every week is a bit busy. But it's something we can decide together if you want.

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