The last and the next tournament

Congratulations to Cuba Masters for the sixth consecutive victory (!), Seleccion Inmaculada for silver and Crowborough Chess Club for bronze.
Congratulations also to Team Veracruz for returning, and deservedly so, in A and Team Krasyliv for the impressive series of consecutive promotions.

Thanks to everyone for helping and participating.

At the request of several coaches, the tournament will now be played every two weeks. The next one will be on September 12.

There will be two new rules:
1) If a team does not participate with at least 4 players, and does not warn us, that team will automatically restart from the last Division.
2) promotions and relegations will no longer be two but three for each group.

Some of the tournaments (A, B and C) have already been created, links are in the Team's home.

Check out the new Diplomas and Awards in the forum. Thanks, Maurizio.

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