The Amazing Worldwide Team

Yesterday there was the debut of our team, representing a League, in another League, which recently lichess has recognized as "official": the Bundesliga.

Thank you very much to everyone who came to play! We couldn't do a better debut: 27 players, divided between kids and coaches, fought until they got the third place - and so we earned the promotion!

The first 4 players, who were scoring, represent us as best they can: 4 different teams, 4 different countries, 4 different continents! Thanks to @fallenphoenix, @NeRi, @omarouadnouni and @maurex09py!

We play again on Sunday, same time but different Time Control. Here is the link, you can start signing up now:

gracias por tomarme en cuenta como entrenador del equipo FDCH

Good afternoon! Thanks. We are the old guard who play better when there is responsibility for the team. Next time I will ask to play my grandmaster friends.

The signal worked! 23 kids and coaches last night contributed to the team's victory: clearly (and largely) first in the Lichess Bundesliga. An extraordinary performance by our players!

Thank you all, the next one is Thursday, same time but this time it will be 3+0
You can start signing up now!

This is a diploma that the coaches of the kids participating in the Bundesliga can request. I will be happy to make them for anyone who wants them.